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Weird clear flashes
The big black spot is probably one of five things:
1) a reflected projection of your visual blind spot in that eye (where the optic nerve enters)?
2) a stain of some sort somewhere in that eye which is being projected out?
3) a bit of debris causing a floater which your lens is magnifying and projecting into your visual field?
4) a crease in the vitreal fluid of that eye?
5) maybe a bump of some sort on the retina?
I have a simlar one in the bottom right of my right visual field/eye - it's more of a dark grid, which I know think is just a stain on my eye somewhere, and which my last optometrist (3 years ago) acknowledged but didn't know what it was and wasn't concerned about it. Since perceiving it I have gained some control over it and am learning to use it to realign myself for clearer distance vision. One of my theories is that one reason we became myopic was to avoid seeing such things, even though once they're perceived they can be ignored and are nothing to worry about. But little kids don't know that. :-\ 8)
Summon-Pretty-Peace Wrote:I got some late last summer, and I got one yesterday night. They happen when I'm "not even trying"-- even by Bates Method standards. They don't go away when I blink, and I don't feel any tears in my eyes at all. Each of these flashes lasts for 10 minutes or so, but sometime during the duration, for one heartbeat, a huge black spot would flash on a very specific spot near the bottom left of my visual field. What the heck is this?

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