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it works
Aura Wrote:What I'm wondering is, the main things you have to learn to do is to relax and try and make it a habit and let it become part of you naturally and the other is to try and focus constantly on smaller and smaller points with your central focus.

Which one is more important? It seems like you can get back 20/20 vision by learning central fixation but surely you must also learnt to relax? And how do you learn to constantly focus on smaller and smaller points when as a myope you can only see blur?

These are not really 2 different things - to see a very small point really clear in the distance the eyes must be completely relaxed.
So you can combine both - looking at a small point as a relaxation exercise.

I'm using the eye-chart for this purpse (a bit in the same way as Emily cured her class mates: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... s/ch28.php</a><!-- m -->
I wrote about it:
"When I use the eye chart after palming it is not for 'testing' my eye-sight (it wouldn't even be possible because I know all the lines by heart after practising with it every day), but as a sort of 'feed-back'. The letters will only clear up, when my eyes are really relaxed, as I put the eye chart in a distance where I cant't read it without palming and relaxing. Then I try to keep up the relaxation long enough to read as much of the line as possible.
( I wrote about this in the 'success stories'; after startng at a little more than 2 feet, I now practise with the bottom line - which is to be read at a distance of 8 feet - at 5 feet)."
( <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=691&start=45</a><!-- l --> )

You can also use the eye-chart with unknown letters:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

To make this relaxed sight a habit 'in normal life', I try to:
1) not fight against the 'blurr' by straining my eyes, but instead just let the blurry vision be as it is
2) not to look at a great part at once, but let the eyes come to a rest in very small points

Now I started - especially when I ride my bicycle and can see a wide range in the nature - to 'let my eyes and brain alone' to find their way in getting to the best sight possible together, without interfering too much, not trying to direct my eyes how to see and always being aware of the seeing process.
I only watch a bit over the eyes, that they stay relaxed and try to keep (mental) stress away from my eyes. So I hope to establish slowly the habit of relaxed sight.

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