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it works
Here is another way to think about what's happening, which I just puzzled together this morning:
1. Our myopic eyeballs are slightly bulged in front.
2. The bulge is slightly different for each eyeball.
3. In order to use our eyes we need light.
4. When using our eyes, every location we are in has slightly different lighting conditions. For instance in a well-lit room, we are surrounded by light, but there are stronger point sources from where the lamps are located. Outdoors the day can be sunny with a strong point source from the sun or it can be overcast with virtually no point source.
5. To see clearly the light has to fall onto the foveas, and we have to mentally pay attention to what those foveas are transmitting.
6. To see clearly continuously and binocularly without double images, each eye's fovea has to be receviing light from the same object/area at the same time.
7. Since our eyes are differently bulged or out-of-round we may have to position our heads at what seems like an odd angle to the point sources and within the overall lighting in order to get the light from a single object/area to fall onto our foveas at the same time.
8. Some amount of shifting will be required in order to find and maintain the optimal position.

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