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it works
bates method. I've only glimpsed through the book "relearning to see"

since then I tried to not wear my glasses when possible. for the next three years, my sight stopped worsening as fast (went from 3.0 to 4.0), when in the first two years it felt REALLY bad. my greatest feelings are like when you cover your eyes and "tries" to see "perfect black." it's like, when it's working, "mists" stops and dissolves, and eventually you can see "patterns" and clear images in your head instead of the foggy image. also, sun gazing might work. what i do is that i try to close my eyes and "look" into the fluorescent light. feels just as good ;D

anyhow, a few month ago, there have been rapid improvements and my eyes *feels* like 1.5ish. I haven't gotten a chance to get it checked up it, but i've completely stopped wearing glasses altogether and is learning to "deal with it" or rather, allowing my eyes to naturally "adapt" without putting stress on it.

I think that when you're stressed in real life, and if your work requires close-up readings or you do computer video games a lot, then you're more likely to be in a state of "locked up" or getting worse. you just need something you can trust (i.e. other than glasses and contacts and such) so you can recognize when it's time to take a break , both mental and physical, from what you're doing. By simply recognizing the need to take a break actively, that's like the biggest part. I'm a student in psychology so I know how important cognitive recognition could be.

btw, i really don't like the captcha on the registration page. So hard to read lol.

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