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I just finished "Bates Method: Better Eyesight Without Glasses" and i'm trying to practice a few of the things i've learned. As an intro I think I have about 2/200 vision and i've been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade. I'm 27 now. I printed off an eye chart and i've been practicing swinging and central fixation as talked about in the book. I have a few questions, --and I apologize if they've been asked a lot before.

Dr. Bates said that if I wasn't able to completely abandon my glasses then I probably wouldn't be able to see any success unless I found an instructor. Is that true? is it possible to wear glasses part of the day every day and still train my eyes in new habits? It's very difficult for me to do much without my glasses.

How long should I be spending every day? In the book he said I should spend at least an hour. Does it matter that I break that up into 15 minute groups?

I know that the different exercises can be helpful for different people, but are there any favorites? Which ones have worked the best for people?


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