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Quote:NyoGoat so what to do with that mental block ? What is the point? Should we forget that bad moments or remenber and try to convert to positive feelings?

I'm still working on it Smile . I am trying free writing techniques to help me find all of my suppressed feelings allow myself to feel them so that I can release them. I was actually pretty excited when I found the connection, and I believe my bad eyesight is a direct symptom of me suppressing bad memories.

I'm afraid to get to personal on here, but i'm going to anyway. I realized that I have been putting up a wall during social interactions, and it wasn't allowing me to be true to myself, I was hiding behind the mask. When I didn't put up the wall I collapsed inside and I couldn't really interact socially. I was having a very hard time figuring out how to release the need for the wall and that's when I did the eye exercises and had that experience. I was astounded at the physical connection to my mental block. I'm still figuring out how to work with this, but I am hoping that continuing focusing on treating my eyes will help me in other areas also.

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