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Tackling Skepticism
One of the important part of following the 'Bates Method' is handling skeptics. I've read a lot of recurring questions that are never answered in other websites, forums, blogs etc. I would like to start a question & answer thread that will help the people who wish to face critics head-on.
I'm beginning by posting some of the most common criticisms I've come across with answers to them. Additions are always welcome.

Q. Bates Method is useless. It doesn't work for me. Why do some say it works?
A. That's because you haven't understood anything yet. It always works when done correctly.

Q. If the Bates Method really works, why isn't everyone doing it already?
A. Try applying this logic to Law & Order, why is crime so common? Do you believe everyone will necessarily follow what is right?

Q. If palming rests the eyes, why doesn't sleep do the same?
A. Most people do not realize that the mind works overtime during sleep. The entire reparation of the body takes place during sleep - the mind does not rest during sleep.

Q. Why do the majority of the doctors discredit the Bates Method entirely?
A. The opinion of the majority isn't always correct. Accepting the Bates Method for them is to discredit their life's study (& financial earnings). Not everyone is courageous enough to admit it.

Q. Why hasn't the Bates Method become mainstream?
A. There are a lot of things that don't become mainstream for a long time. Take Heliocentricism for example, first proposed in 3 B.C. but became mainstream in the 17th century.

Q. Wouldn't the Sun treatment (or looking at the Sun) burn the eyes?
A. In very simple words : NO.

Q. Why shouldn't I use glasses for emergencies?
A. Reverting back to a bad habit is easier than reverting to a good one. Its just like smoking - you'll have to let go completely.

Q. How can you see only one point at a time? I see everything.
A. Misunderstanding. Seeing perfectly is paying attention to one point at a time - the area outside this point is in the lesser attention region. Imperfect sight occurs when this process is disrupted.

For those itching to post about Aldous Huxley :
Picture yourself a large crowd, you're recovering from almost complete blindness & you are to speak in front of the crowd. You are extremely nervous - legs shaking, voice trembling. Isn't there a possibility you would strain yourself to the extent that you are unable to read?

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