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Problem with sunning
Hi everyone. i'm not completely knew to this but i've been doing it for a few weeks with some mistakes in the begining mostly with streching and palming.
I sunned for 4 minutes and first and then increased it to 7 minutes after a few days.THen after a few days i increased it to 8 minutes in the morning(8.00am) and 8 minutes in the evening(7.30pm).I close my eyes and don't look directly at the sun.I move my head from left to right(90 degrees) slowly.The excercise itself isn't a problem and it feels very good.THe problem is what happens couple of hours after that excercise.My eye feels like their on fire.Like they are burning from the inside.This doesn''t last long but it bothers me!THe next day is like nothing happened.I don't like this one bit.Should i completely quit sunning or what? :-\ any advice would be good.


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