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Why progress is slow, and most people are never truely cured
I disagree. We don't succeed because we don't listen very well.
Then people get frustrated, create their own theories about the need for personality change and such, giving themselves and others a good excuse to lay it all off.
I, too, have strained a bit in front of the Snellen. but then when I went back to the book, the Story of Emily chapter especially, I realized something: People with high myopia should never stand 10-20 feet from the Snellen and wait for a miracle! :-) (It may have worked that way for a few, but I would assume that to be a small minority.) I don't chase those clear flashes any more, which happened totally randomly. That's unrealistic expectation, that's being out of control. Getting really close is helping me a great deal. 6 inches or less, whatever. It is all about feeling good, improving the imagination from whatever distance and increasing our confidence in our vision at any focal point.


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Re: Why progress is slow, and most people are never truely cured - by Andrea Major - 09-10-2010, 08:08 PM