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Lots of Questions - Palming, Improvement, etc.
You can't imagine anything static actually. Thats the best way to demolish your vision...

Look at the scotomata after looking at the Sun, they always move. Theres nothing physical on them, they have to physical form or matter. They are just images stucked at the optic nerve, but the mind spins them around.

This is how the brain actually sees. Immobile things must be seen mobile.

Ok, i know you where mentioning on the "Mind Television" think, but if you use the mind as a Photo-Viever, when you have an error of refraction, you actually risking to stop or destroy the progrees you have done.

So, see things moving!!!

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Re: Lots of Questions - Palming, Improvement, etc. - by Ares - 09-03-2010, 01:29 PM