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Hello there, Newbie need some info.
Hi there, I'm quite new to the Bates method. A friend of mine who recently told me about this program. He said I should do these excersises to improve my eye site. I've tried palming and some what so good it's helping my eyes out. I've been lacking it out though, Like sometimes when I palm my eyes to 5-20 minutes. I can see some vision improvement. I don't know what I am but I think I'm "near sighted". What I mean by that is I have a hard time looking at a things that is far away, etc. Here is an example. Every time when I used to look at a marker board against the wall in class in the back of a class room when I was in school. I couldn't see way back. I have both of these in my eye. Well. I really don't know its hard to describe. Sorry. Like in my right eye its blurry when I try to see things, But when I look up close to see things I can see the writing and stuff. And on my left eye I have a hard time viewing things up close because in my left eye I cant see things that are far away, etc. Can anyone recommend any techniques that are good for near sighted eye problems? Or will palming do? Sorry just letting you know its been working for me, But I was wondering if it could work for my condition. Like will it be permanent, etc. Thanks. I have prescription glasses but I haven't been wearing them. Most of the times my glasses gives me headaches and crap hurts my ears. Thanks for the info. Sorry it's my first time posting here, Just letting you know. Smile I wanted to see if I can make some improvement before I can get my license. And how many days/months should I use these techniques if I want any results? Thank you.

Also my eyes have been blood shot. I was wondering if these techniques can help cure this. And I've been having massive migraines as well. I don't know if I have eyestrain or what. Would the techniques also help as well?


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Hello there, Newbie need some info. - by Lucid - 09-02-2010, 02:37 AM