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Lucid Dreaming
Smile ... and what people don't realize ... there is a long list of positive consequences like ... you also get much stronger inside, better self confidence, better health, it is much less likely to get cancer, depression or autoimmune diseases. Very positive right Smile

I also often look at details when I am dreaming, it becomes easier to imagine things then, I don't search for details, but I follow beautiful lines, round edges with wonderful colours and so on, and then my dreams become very real. I also can extend the peripheral in my dreams to get overview back and forth. This all you gain if you just relax, quite simple actually but needs discipline to follow this in the long run, but once the beautiful dreams really come intense then you will never return to the fade away grey dreams again. My dreams as you understand has also improved a lot, I guess due to much better imagination, but the widened awareness has also enabled me to listen when dreaming, for instance be aware of warnings, look in to the future (synchronicities), communicate with the other side and so on. There is a whole new dimension of awareness that opens once you have reach so far as you have done, then interesting stuff begins to show. The universe wants to look you in the mirror, because it is curious, like I also am curious to see if I look tired, happy, sad, old (young Wink) or what ever in the mirror. Like I've said before, the widened awareness causes clarity in many aspects.

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