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Re: To Otis (or others) about using plus lens.
I found this site when I recently started to get serious about clearing my vision. About three years ago, I tried to get some "fitness" glasses to wear because I read that would help improve my vision. I could not find any doctor that would prescribe me a lens to see about 20/40 - I was told I was crazy basically. I finally got around this by getting a doctor to give me "computer" glasses in addition to a stronger minus lens for everday use.

I wore the lower lens most of the time until about a year ago when I started taking my glasses off more. The prescription was -1 and -1.25 with an astigmatism of -.5 in both eyes. I can now see clearly 20/20 full line out of these lens when my original prescription was -2.75 and -2.50 with the same astigmatism.

I just recently got a new pair of glasses with -.50 and -.75 as the prescription and I can see 20/40 out of them.

I am a little confused about how the plus works. After reading a bit I went out and bought some +1.25 glasses. I have to get 12 inches in front of my computer screen in order to read it clearly. I thought I had read it wrong then and went out to the store and looked at the stronger plus prescriptions. With the stronger ones I found I had to bring things in even closer to see them clearly so I decided not to  buy anymore until I could talk to someone about this here.

I am game to try the plus lenses and have found that my eyes are a bit clearer after doing computer work or reading when I wear them - or at least they are not fuzzier after I'm done. I can see the computer screen clearly at 21 inches without my glasses on.

I would love some feedback on what I should or could be doing. I have already improved my vision enough to know that it can be done.



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