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Yarbus book
Although I don't know the answer to your question - 50 years used to be the standard, but I think that has changed - I want to thank you for discovering this book. I found it in a .pdf file (about 7.5 megs) and it is illuminating. It has some great illustrations which showed me many things not found in all the others I have seen - such as, that the macula/fovea is located slightly above and to the outside of the blindspot/optic nerve entrance on each eye. I have been looking for a definitive illustration of that for years. He also refers to and cites many late 1800's studies, and points out that many of their results were not replicable by later researchers (gosh, I wonder why not - neonatal eye antibiotics, anyone?). He also discusses a phenomenon called 'pseudo fovea' that can occur when someone has a brain injury that results in semi-blindness wherein a pseudo foveal focal point is created shifted over slightly from the actual foveal location. (Gee, wouldn't that be a blurry way of maintaining sight?)


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