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Success, but need more encouragement
Hi all!!
Seriously been sometime you guys can't believe this, up to you believe it or not really it doesn't matter,I really want to cry when I open up my last time I open up this post,yes it's been years it takes that much commitment guess what's my.diopter now

I'll upload my newly purchased spec on the present diopter soon,on mobile device now.
It's doable,going on an unorthodox method could be hard especially when we lust so much on vision.can't believe this post got so much views.keep the faith.this is legit

There you go,that's my receipt with prescripted diopters drafted on the paper itself.
I manage to get cheaper lens around the market area for this,gotten a lower diopter for another set.
One thing about this practice I believe you can't over constraints your eyes so I lessen 20% off my prescription if it's not very critical to use my vision

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RE: Success, but need more encouragement - by anthony353 - 04-08-2015, 05:22 AM