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'Big eyes'
T Wrote:I went to the mirror and you're right. It's most likely, because my lids are more 'closed'. Are you sure people with normal sight don't have this?
Yes, I'm sure. I'm sure of just about everything I've posted. But many of the truths I've been discovering seem to have been hidden for at least a hundred years - they were not "self-evident".
I know what I post is true because I have used these truths to improve my eyesight. Meticulous observation. Trial and Error. Honest, dogged, unpreconceived investigation. Sometimes courage is required in the face of daunting opposition, self-doubts and shadows.
But each truth I've uncovered has seamlessly linked with the other truths, until the entire puzzle has become self-evident. To me. I've tried to explain it here on this fantastic website's community forum as each truth came to me, and as the entire theory unfolded. I've apparently been unsuccessful at enlightening anyone else.
Apparently most people want 'friendship' more than they want truth. I don't blame them. But friendship alone isn't going to solve the problem.
Here is my most recently uncovered truth: Pointing my face at a slightly oblique angle to the line of sight (maybe 10-20degrees East. then 10-20deg West) and then looking back down the center results in clearer eyesight - most probably because it helps realign the visual system components, specifically the maculae/foveal impulses of each eye aligned with the non-foveal (nasal side) impuses from the opposite eye. Those combined impulses are hard-wired in every normal human being.
That is the optic chiasm at work. The optic chiasm is created in the womb during gestation, and is necessary for distance vision. It can be disrupted at birth for various reasons, and distance eyesight can thereby be prevented from developing normally. Uncovering that fact and attending to it has resulted in improved control over my visual positioning, alignment, and eyesight.
Look at the photo of Dr. Bates and the photo David has posted of himself in a hat - both are pointed slightly obliquely to their line of sight. I have confirmed that in other photos of other NVI proponents.


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