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I've had strabismus my entire life. As a child, my parents did the patching and the eye doctor told them that I would "grow out of the strabismus" with the help of the glasses. The glasses helped correct the strabismus for most of my childhood/early teenage years but became very noticeable when I was about 17. I became super self-concious and started searching for methods to help correct it or fix it all together. My doctor wanted me to get surgery at about 18 or 19, and I never followed thru with it. I can create the deviation in both of my eyes. When I focus with the less strong eye, it pulls my other eye inward and vice versa.

Now I'm 25. I've become the shy guy. I'm exploring the bates method as well as other natural vision improvement programs for about the last 2 weeks or so. I've been doing daily palming and sunning. I've also started using the nosecard (vision divider card) and I've started using the string beads (but not trying to strain or see it perfectly.

With the nosecard long swinging after palming and then the string beads, I've been able to start to fuse the proper "X" or "Y" with both eyes, which, as I understand, means that I'm waking up the lazier eye. This is really helping me a lot. I've been going for days without my glasses and I even go out into the real world without them.

I'm at -1 in my left eye and -3 in my right eye (my right eye is the lazier one that needs to wake up and be used more).

I'm also patching the stronger eye as well.

Do you guys have any tips for me, knowing what I'm doing on a daily basis? I've read a lot here and realize that the vision therapy is more about not trying to see or forcing myself to see something, but merely using my eyes in a relaxed and peaceful manor and I'm starting to see results.


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