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Here is David's Article;
Davids' cure;
From clark night on Fri Sept 26, 2008 10:12 am
To David, webmaster;

I read on your web site that you cured your condition of strabismus, astigmatism and blur.
Please list all the things you did that worked for you.
I am most interested in how you cured the strabismus.
I met a young person with a wandering eye problem and gave him info. on the Bates method.
His eye doctor wants to do surgery on the muscle and keeps giving him thick, very strong eyeglasses. I see much strain, inflammation in his eyes.
He is very smart, open minded and told me (before I gave him a vision improvement card) that he has been searching for a natural cure and refuses to let the eye doctor do the surgery. I know he can correct this condition.

I have cured astigmatism, blur and a very slight convergence problem in my eyes and other people, reduced cataracts in two ladies, intolerance to sunlight, but do not have experience treating major convergence, divergence (strabismus) impairment.
I can only advise methods on my web site and to read Better Eyesight Magazines, Stories from the clinic and Dr. Bates original book.
What do you think is the most effective method to get the eyes straight, moving together, looking at the same point?

Re: Davids' cure
by David on Mon Sept. 29, 2008 12:19 am.

It's really the same thing as blur, but different. With blur, it's a matter of realizing and stopping the effort you're habitually making to make your eyes focus.
With strabismus, he's probably habitually making an effort to team his eyes together, or to converge, or look both at the same thing, or keep his eyes straight, or how ever he thinks of it.
Other than that, for me it had to do with staring and one eye being blurrier, and then getting a bit more complicated by glasses with the two lenses of different strengths, so I'd end up using one eye at a time to avoid the instability.
The epiphany for me was lying down, palming and relaxing as completely as I could, opening my eyes and realizing that as I opened my eyes, before I had a chance to look at anything and adjust, my eyes were already straight until I did something to make them not.
If he could be convinced of that, that's the biggest obstacle.

Clark Night; I was thinking last night that, when the vision is blurry in a wandering eye, it might not see the perfect point of central fixation, the center of the visual field and this might impair convergence, divergence.
When the vision is clear in that eye, central fixation is perfect and the eye has a perfect central point to focus on with the other eye so it stays straight, normal, moving with the other eye from point to point.

More about strabismus - By David;

Some authorities say that the vision in a wandering eye (mine turned out laterally) is blocked out or creates a double image, but neither was ever true for me. The wandering eye provided no central vision, but it did provide a sort of peripheral vision, as evidenced by being able to sense more in the lateral direction than if I closed that eye.

But all the same things can be effective. As with anything, it's good to start each session with palming so as to start a little fresher.


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