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thank you for your reply. But there has been some confusion.

We do the patching and convergence exercises based on our son's ophthalmologist.

I am also confused with what you mean by what we want to achieve. We want to fix both the appearance of the turned eye and the way the two eyes work together. Could there be anything else?

I started looking for optometrists that do Visual Therapy, but I am a little confused for which one to choose. Do you have any idea how I can make my decision regarding this? They all claim a good success rate and come with different price tags.

Yesterday I got the information of Natural Eyesight Teachers from T. Quackenbash that are located near San Diego and I am planning to contact them.

In the mean time we are doing "Tromboning" as described in Dr. Goodrich's book and alternate patching. I also slowly started introducing my son to the ideas of "Nose sketching", "palming" and general relaxing of the eyes.
Yesterday he told me that his eyes don't turn as much as before.

We have secretly noticed that the angle has improved a little bit. But I can't be sure. This is one thing that is bothering me, since there is no exact way to measure the frequency and angle.

There seem like so many options out there, but to choose the right one is very challenging.

Any suggestions?


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