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lower prescription question
Generally vision students don't report eyestrain from using their reduced prescription transition glasses, however it's important to have the right prescription for the right situation. If the prescription is too low and you are straining hard to see, then this is going to increase your stress, and will not be helpful. Usually transition glasses are between 50% (for reading where this is sufficiently comfortable) up to 80% (legal for driving) of your current 'normal' prescription.

Astigmatism can make this more complicated as it can come and go and usually we don't want it in the prescription if it is only a small amount. If it is a larger amount than some may need to be left in until enough astigmatism activities have been done to smooth it.

The best situation is where you can take some test lenses outside the optometrist's office and take a look around in natural light to see if you have room to improve but can still function with the intended prescription.

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