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Various Possible Medical Causes of Unusual Eyelid Twitching
ntuc Wrote:"I think Actually these persons distributed nearly the identical sore know-how as me from such debilitating sickness and for your data, there were numerous of them who were not so well-to-do, and therefore they could not pay for such costly health accounts of glimpsing the health experts or to get Botox injections / surgical remedy to deal with their non-stop eyelid-twitching problems. Therefore, when I suggested such an acupuncture method to them, I did it out of benevolent humanity, understanding and compassion, and express gratitude God that it worked on each and every individual of them."

Well, in respect of the bold characters of the remark highlighted above, naturally and rationally all the kind and benevolent persons would earnestly hope that the doctors of the modern medical world today will eventually come to realize one day that practicing medicine is simply, mainly and definitely not about profiteering and money-making alone. Anyway, as human beings ourselves, the principles of humanitarian concepts, humanity, conscience etc, well, they simply should not be ignored or deliberately compromised for the sake of money-making especially when it comes to the issue of medical conscience of the doctors practicing medicines of which its key, primary & undisputed purpose is mostly about saving human lives rather than making money to enrich themselves.

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