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Measuring signs of progress - Glasses and vision without
It is very difficult to measure the amount of 'blurriness' you see without glasses, to say whether is has become less or more. And your actual vision also depends very much on other factors, f.e. the brightness and the angle of the light; and it fluctuates, especially when you are tired or stressed.
But when you can see more lines clearly on the eye-chart, there is a definite improvement.
You can also test your vision by looking at traffic sign and number plates of cars - do you see them more clearly from a greater distance?

As for your glasses, perhaps they are a bit too strong by now. You could try to get a weaker pair, which doesn't correct to 20/20, but a bit less ('computer' or 'reading' glass prescription).
When you keep on doing your eye-training, very soon you will see better with them without feeling uncomfortable.
But make sure, that the glasses you use for drivng or flying are strong enough. I ordered 2 pairs of undercorrected glasses, one pair for driving and one (weaker) for work when I have to see better than with my 'naked' eyes - which I am wearing only if it is absolutely necessary;


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