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learn to relax your eyes.. people say
I am new to this, but I have been with no glasses for last 3 weeks and I initially had headaches too.
Now, I simply try to make sure that my eyes never look at the same spot all the time.
So I simply try to scan everything all the time.
While on the computer screen (I am IT so I am on it whole day) when typing I look at letters and try to see all tiny pixels.
I constantly move my attention to different spot even that I am at the same spot.
For example, when I look at letter "C" , the way I see it is:


and i let my eyes to discover every tiny spot instead of staring at the "C" as a one thing.
If i cannot do that I try to look outside the monitor on something else and then go back to the monitor screen.

I feel like I am scanning machine that never stops at one point!!!
I am constantly moving my attention.

It is not easy for me to see in such a way , but I am trying to learn those new habits, so my eyes can forget what staring is.
I hope this is a good approach.


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learn to relax your eyes.. people say - by Hicks - 09-05-2011, 11:08 PM
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