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From worse than -3.0 to -2.5 and continuing
Hi tod and welcome!
Congratulations in your improvement - keep up working at it!.

Do you really think that glasses are the problem? I think, the answer is yes and not. You can strain your eyes with and without glasses and your vision will get worse in any case, the only difference I think is that glasses encourage even more a incorrect, strained way of seeing than without it. It have been discussed already a lot in this community,

I'm really sad to say this but, our dear and genius Dr. Bates have not presented in the best way his methods as a cure of vision problems, That's why we have so little success and people struggle with it today... yet it remains 100% effective for people who really know how to apply it correctly. Becouse what Bates said was pure common sense and what the eye with normal vison does. But people complicates it.

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