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Astounding Results using Imagination
Hello Friends,

I've just joined this forum and have been studying the Bates Method since last May-- about 6 months now. I've tried to put in about an hour a day trying and practicing all kinds of techniques/exercises/meditations. The funny thing is, the harder we "try" to improve, the less likely we will actually improve. After 6 months I found that what actually works for me, is to relax, breathe, and then imagine something- say, a small black dot-- floating aimlessly around. The smaller and blacker my imagination can make it, the clearer the world gets. So, for me, [i]looking[i] at something actually worsens things. I need only to see clearly in my imagination and my vision instantly improves. Even when looking at the snellen chart, I focus my mind on visualizing in my imagination, particularly moving things, like a running horse, jumping on a trampoline, etc. and I do not consciously TRY to see the letters on the chart. After a few minutes, they become astoundingly clear. I know it sounds a bit "out there", but I've had incredible results.

I wore glasses/contacts for myopia for 6 years and progressed to -3.5. Except for driving, I haven't worn glasses since then. Now, after 6 months, I'm hovering around -1.5 and I absolutely believe that 20/20 is only a matter of time. I also believe that the only way to get there is to try EVERYTHING and find what works, even if it means you are just trying things for several years-- eventually you'll find what works for you and then the rest will quickly take care of itself. Good luck!

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