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Astounding Results using Imagination
Reading one of the old Medical Articles, Advertisements for Dr. Bates from the PDF I bought from David;

A patient imagines a period with the eyes closed, palming but imagines it stationary;

Imagining the period stationary is incorrect, it causes the patient unclear vision.
The period must move, show oppositional movement, ‘the Swing’ as the eye shifts on it point to point, left and right, top and bottom and in any direction.
The swinging movement of the period will be in the opposite direction of the eyes movement.

Later Bates describes how the period must move ‘swing’ as a result of the shifting of the eye when shifting on the period in the imagination with eyes closed or with the eyes open looking at a period or imagining shifting on a period with the eyes open.

For the period to remain stationary the eyes must be immobile, staring and this causes strain, unclear vision.

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