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Questions about Davids Method
Hello everyone,

as you can see, this is my first post here and I already have some questions! Wink

I'm not from an English speaking country, so please forgive me, if my English is bad or just not correct sometimes.

I have read most of Davids blog posts now and started practicing the "right way of viewing".

Here is what I do: I take a picture from the internet (most times street sceneries or old buildings/churches--> many details) and look at it the way David described it in his blog. I got it now and it works really really well, but I have 2 questions about it:

1) How long should I practice that? How many Minutes?
I read that this way of viewing should be the new standard, the new "programming", which means to me, that you could do that all day long, as it is the correct and natural way. But when I practice, I really benefit from making a pause from time to time. I also feel that it is a challenge for my eyes to work that way, but that could also be just a feeling of adapting to the new way of viewing. I dont know. I also read Norbekov's book and he writes, that you can do too much, and then the whole process of healing will be stopped and destroyed, because "mother nature" doesnt want these fast changes. What do you think about that? Do you have any advice? I usually practice two times a day for 15-20 minutes each time.

2) Now this is my main problem: One of my eyes is worse than the other and I always practice normally with both eyes. Leo Angart has wrote that you always should work on your weaker eye first, otherwise your eyes could completely stop to work together (I think its called Amblyopia?). So I tried to practice just with the weaker eye once, and it felt completely unnatural and wrong. Normaly I enjoy the practicing but that just really felt wrong and it didnt work out. So, I dont know what to do now.

If the way of viewing in Davids method is the natural way of viewing (which seems to be for me) , I think I should just carry on practicing with both eyes (as it is the natural way) and let nature just do it itself? I just dont understand how the weaker eye will get better, as it doesnt see all the datails I'm looking at with the other eye. Any Advice?

I hope the post is easy to read and everything is correct, otherwise I apologize for the mistakes.

These are some fast questions, but I think I will write more about my "myopia story" and experiences and so on later.

Any ideas/answers are appreciated Smile

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