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Bible Health Cures
A man that has been studying the Bates Method cured his cataracts, unclear vision and had glaucoma reversing. Was almost blind. Got his vision back in both eyes; 100% one eye, 80% other. Then his eye doctor talked him into thinking its ok to go back to glasses. He was prescribed very strong glasses and wore them for about 8 months. His vision improvement reversed, bleeding occurred in his eyes, had to have an operation, cataract and glaucoma came back. Now he is back to using the Bates Method and no glasses.

Otherwise his health is perfect.
He has studied the old Bible for years and told me about organic sea salt and water cures. At first I was skeptical because most doctors say salt is bad, raises blood pressure.
The Bates student says; what’s the first thing they give you in the hospital; a saline (salt, water) solution.

I have tried his method; some sea salt dissolved on the tongue first, then drink a lot of water. I don’t over do it, but have been experimenting. It has helped my neck injury and muscles heal.
I am reluctant to go further with this, use it sparingly but it shows good effects. Last night my neck muscles were so relaxed from the water; dehydration gone. Suddenly sight was perfect; Sometimes after on computer all day, stiff neck the sight at night is temporarily lower; I can see clear but street lights have some glare. Last night after computer all day; drank the water cure and as the neck relaxed, the mind was so relaxed, positive and the street lights had not one once of glare!

Anyone else heard of this salt thing? Limits?


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