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Bible Health Cures
clarknight Wrote:Just replying today to your posts;


Old testement before was changed. I use the salt, water for healing the neck injuries and to relax the muscles neck and all over body. Wow, so it is used by atheletes. (I dont exercise like that, but should) hyponatremia; very on the nose; I am 55 and non stop extreme hotflashes, constant sweat; like just went running! So thats why my Gatorade does not work well. Thanks! I seen a tv show of a man in the jungle and he had to tak esalt to stay alive. Yeah FIAT2LUX; that man also says about the sugar! I was reluctant about that too, but guess hes right. His advice syure has helpe dme heal. Not one doctor, massuse, chirop, P.T. ever told me these things. Wish Iknew 3 yrs ago. Befor ethe salt water thing I did get lot muscle cramps; when resting, not active.

When I lived in California I hung around as tomboy wiht alot of the guys in the hotel, street guys... and would learn sports... stuff from mthem. Took a guy on her eto give this info.


Just to be clear, the salt is used for replacing nutrients lost in sweat. Sometimes Gatorade will do the job, other times it won't and supplements are needed. If you think you're sweating a lot, then talking to your doctor about it would be a good idea, and maybe a sports physician, or dietician, etc.

Probably why you haven't heard of it from your doctors is because it wasn't something that came up in conversation. They won't usually give away all their info in one sitting ;D I heard one case a few years ago where a guy was prescribed salt by a doctor because he had an extreme deficiency that caused him to have traumatic nightmares. As long as he had his salt, those didn't happen anymore.

Remember though that too much salt can be bad too. For example, too much can result in dehydration. There's often a tightish line between too much and too little salt. Usually if you speak to a dietician specifically about salt and sweat, you'll get a good personalized recommendation. But that is so complex a field that I can't do that (namely tell you specifically how much to have and how).

Do you have the reference to specifically where in the Old Testament it speaks of this salt cure?


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