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double vision, due to astigmatism?
To lou_deg,

Wow, many things you listed ring true.

Double, triple... images are common from astigmatism. Astigmatism can often cure itself; comes, then goes. Sounds like you have the astigmatism at distance only? Is vision in one eye less clear? Improving it to equal, both eyes clear will be a great help.

I had a broken (mis-aligned) neck in 4 places and hips, lower back, shoulder vertebrae mis-aligned by treatment from a dishonest chiropractor. It resulted in many health and vision problems including astigmatism, slow left eye... Cured it with David's looking at details, shifting... on the lines of an astigmatism chart and general Bates method and physical therapy...

I would like to help you cure this - FREE. Sounds like it will be easy to do. You also seem like the type of person that will listen, learn easy gain fast results. See my profile and send a e-mail. I can do free Skype, phone. Prefer that to e-mail because my neck is still healing and typing not best for the neck. I can send a couple e-mails with basic directions.

Eyeglasses create astigmatism and an astigmatism prescription in the eyeglass lens maintains, increases the tension in the tense outer eye muscle, muscles that are causing the abnormal eye, cornea shape and astigmatism. So you are right to not wear glasses with astigmatism correction. I think the plain glasses may be blocking out the less clear vision in one eye or something?? and that's making the double images go away when wearing the plain, no astigmatism glasses. Try to go without glasses. If you must wear for driving; learn the reduced 20/40 weaker procedure.

Double vision can also be caused if the eyes are not perfectly aligned, converging, diverging perfectly, exact, equally. Lot of people have this and don't ever know it. Have occasional astigmatism, then it just disappears. I can help you with this. Usually, just getting the vision equal will make the eyes work together, exact, perfect. David cured strabismus with relaxation, Bates Method. You condition seems minor. What does your eye doctor say?

electron microscope; don't use it! They are a major cause of much strain, tension in the eyes, muscles, brain (visual System). Don't share it with others; if someone has a eye infection, it can spread.

Yes there's a lot of posts here about double, multiple images.
Some students see it as the vision is improving; brain, left and right brain hemispheres balancing, relaxing and different eye muscles relaxing, sometimes not all at one time so one might lag in relaxation until a full cure occurs.

My advice; don't let chiropractors touch the neck. See my video posts... YouTube; Kevin Sorbo, others injured, stroke... Type in Chiropractic stroke. Then see my ClarkClydeNight channel and go through some of the old and new book videos. Some are better than others, I am new at this video thing.


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