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myopes can't draw?

i noticed that when i was a kid, not very myopic, i could draw well. my drawing skills have decreased with the progression of myopia

i actually have good drawing skills but i can't do proportions very well anymore and my ability to draw from memory and draw details has severely decreased

I guess when you are myopic you can't imagine the details well and you have bad "visual memory" or "visual imagination"

even before i discovered bates and even before i even knew or cared about natural eyesight methods i noticed that my visual imagination and visual memory didn't function as well as before

i had a lot more trouble imagining images. In fact I can't really imagine images or really remember images anymore.

like if I think about a room I "know" how many doors, windows, etc... it may have, but I can't visualize it.

also I can't imagine or remember people's faces anymore. I can recognize them obviously if I see them but without seeing them I can't really imagine them (sometimes I can but most times i can't)

bates talks about this a few times but I don't know if for other people it is as extreme as me maybe

so that leads to my question : can myopic people draw ?

when you are drawing complex stuff like i used to, or like professionals artists do, you need to imagine the "render" on paper before you draw it

but since myopic people can't really do that, or can do that imperfectly...

does that make sense ? and do you think my assumption is correct ?

thank you.

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