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Retinal Detachment and Scleral Buckle?
Thanks, Nancy. I appreciate it. I don't know how she will react to a suggestion about palming, though it probably IS the most relaxing. I guess I ignored that one because it's the one exercise she and I always HATED. I don't remember ever noticing any benefit, but maybe there was some I didn't notice. Or maybe not. We found it's just too easy to begin....going over your todo list, remembering all the things you're worried about, not to mention thinking about how comfortable (as in uncomfortable) your elbows are, what you are going to write on your letter or whatever, whether you actually set the timer - must peek - and so on, however I will suggest it to her again, perhaps she will try seeing the colors, that might soothe more than trying to see telephone poles that are supposed to be gliding by...and don't... like our first exercise book suggested. No, I didn't want to suggest charts or going back and forth - I thought it would be a bit much on the eye myself. Thanks again. Smile


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Re: Retinal Detachment and Scleral Buckle? - by Joyonna - 11-06-2012, 01:48 PM