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Success story with anticorrective lenses
eaglevision's statements are right. Why block the true world, our true debth, distance... perception. This effects the mind/body, positive emotions, thinking on all levels.

The fact is that all lenses, including Plus Lens impair the eyes, eye muuscles and lens function. Retina too! Circulation of fluids, blood... to the ciliary muscle/lens is impaired by the glasses. The Plus Lens accommodates for the lens and in a unnatural way forcing the eye to look through a incorrect prescription. Even a normal prescription does this. This weakens, tightens up, 'freezes' the lens function/movement, natural focus of light rays. It stops moving. A perfect environment for cataract to develop.

Injury, circualtion impairment caused by the Plus Lens does not always show itself until later. Why are people advising others to risk this? It's not even a risk; its a fact.

All eyeglasses impair the function of the brain/mind with the eyes. Fooling around with incorrect prescritions inpairs brain function.
The plus lens causes unclear close vision. This then carries over to distant vision.

I notice many people using the plus lens have anger, fighting in their personality; A main thing to get rid of when trying to improve the vision. People that advise the plus lens have never accepted my challenge to talk live, recorded on Chat (when video was available). Skype, LIVE YouTube is also available. Afraid to face the truth and record it permanently on YouTube? Dr. Bates would never advise this harmful method. The Bates Method is about Natural Eyesight Improvement; not using eyeglasses and especially not in a very straining, detrimental way.


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