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Can the right food improve your vision?
Plastic drink, food containers especially when warm cause a lot of health problems. Hormone imbalance...

Soy nuts, tofu always give me thyroid imbalance. My friend to. Symptoms are; weakenss, abdominal pains, woozy, sinking weak feeling in stomach then travels over body, pain in the big toe, lowered vision; look near the sun when on soy a couple days and it will appear all fuzzy, bigger. Stop soy for 1-2 weeks and all these symptoms go away and the sun looks nice and clear, normal size... Soy also destroys iron, other nutients and does something that make sthe intestines tight, tense and impairs digestion. Orientals eat seaweed, seafood-iodine with tofu to help stop the thyroid problem it causes. They eat it and don't get sick so must know a certain way to prepare? In 1983 my chinese boss taught me to cook, eat it and I never got sick back then. Then in 1994 it starting affecting me. Maybe over doing it. I tried everything, seaweed helps some but I still get the other side effects.

I learnt this in the American Free Press when I was always getting these symptoms and eating tons of tofu burgers. Stopped and in 3 weeks all problems gone.

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