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List the good vision habits that you know
-Look at a photo from a distance that you can't tell what it is. You can't make out what is in the picture. This gets your eyes and mind in that searching, visualizing, imagining mode. If you can't figure out what the image is after some seconds or a minute, get a little bit closer, but not much. Now try and make out what the image is. This time you can see a little bit more, so you can start guessing what the picture might be. And I think that guessing is like your mind visualizing possibilities. It's along the same lines as when Bate's had patients "guess" the letter on the eye chart if they couldn't see it. If they guessed right, he noticed an improvement in vision.

-Looking into the distance. Looking at far away moving objects in the distance. I think that movement creates a good, ever changing stimulus that keeps your visual system active.

-Watching TV and movies. I especially enjoyed going to a movie theater without my glasses.


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