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Leo Angart - NLP and Pranic Healing
Some of Leo's stuff I agree with but other practices I do not like.

Over the past 14 years I have wanted to be certified as a Bates teacher and have been searching for who teaches correct, who I can confidently state to student's "I was trained by this teacher..." and know I am teaching the best method, most up to date and keeping with bates original teaching.

Some teachers offered to certify me for free or very low money. Others wanted up to $8,000.00+ (include travel, lodging). Others would not certify me when they found out I teach free on the website. I have a lot of trouble with teachers about this; they want their students to charge a high price for training, not be competition.

I have to say that Leo never did any of these underhanded things. I have benefited from some of his teaching but prefer to stay with Dr. Bates.

A few teachers that offered free and low cost training, ones I had considered being certified by; later changed their training and are selling sunglasses, colored eyeglasses (totally against Bates method), magic eye books 'artificial 3-D' (can cause strabismus, astigmatism...), the teacher that wants $8000.00 from me is now telling students in mass e-mail marketing that lasik is good and they can mix it with the Bates Method. (Lasik is not good. It's very harmful, people have gone blind; its totally against the Bates Method. Unclear vision can occur from lasik, and combining it with Natural Eyesight Improvement; due to the cornea being like a eyeglass prescription in the eye; when the Bates Method returns the eye, mind to normal shape, function, relaxtion; the surgically altered cornea is like looking through a blurry, 'too strong' eyeglass lens. (Some specific natural practice can be tried but it's a risk.)

I am glad I did not have the money to travel or pay for these courses. If I had been certified it would have ruined my reputation as a teacher after the teachers changed their methods to include harmful practices.

In all this time Thomas Quackenbush has never changed his teaching; he has stayed with the true method, safe practices. I feel condifent in stating him as a teacher and certifier. I have also been checking out a lady from Europe; last name Montgomery. Was very kind to me, no ego problems. Definitely will be Thomas Q. and 1 or 2 more of the best to be certified by.

I have to say; I've learned much on this website, forum and David. And it's free!


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