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A little hurddle at Palming
Nancy madam thanks a lot for the valuable words.
I almost spent a year with palming as being stated by many that it the most successful technique to relax one's eyes. I did and found no improvement with my eyes.As a soon i used to place my palms place upon my eyes the left eye used to pain and i miss concluded it as a sign of relief of healing and further more the prolonging i do with the same posture(palming) the more it gets strained. But i have resorted to shifting and swing and yes its helping. So I think not everything works with everyone. Lolz.
And yes I insist the one on the path of improvement of their eyesight must have a original pdf of Dr. Bates given at our site and through stories of Emily Bates. And by doing so one discovers how those simple truth and exercises are to be attached to you and benefit to you in a very cosy way.!!
Thanks a lot!!


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