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Imagining infinitely compressing toruses inside the eye ball
Hi everyone

I am one of the oldest members of the site and I have benefited greatly about the Bates method, and I admire his genius, as to point out such great wisdom in such a dark world was a touch of a genius. Thank you David for being such a help.

I want to share some methods and wisdom I have gained since then, so that all of other people seeking vision improvement can follow.

I think that most of those people who start practicing Bates method are of those who seek improvement in their lives, and at some point in their practice they need something "more" and only doing some practices does not make them satisfied. It will eventually boil down into self-love and being present at the moment.

Most people with vision problems, especially myopic people are people who have been "hurt" in the society, and have suffered lack of acceptance and love. Therefore for someone to attain full vision there becomes a great need to connect to the heart in which love resides. Most people think love is just a small part of life, but for someone seeking any type of healing it must become life itself.

1- Noticing is a fundamental aspect of vision improvement, and over time one realizes that there is no difference for the mind in noticing smells, colours, tastes, sounds, pain, and etc ... . When you start noticing you find yourself to be more real and more loved, and more clear in every aspect. For example as you are doing something, which we all are at some time, practice noticing the act being done. Eventually one will find out that everything happens by its own, and We are ultimately the thinker and experiencer of everything being played out in the universe, we cannot and are not able to do more than that, to think, to wish and to experience.

2- I strongly refer you to the the science of compression and implosion, as thought by Dan Winter (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->). He offers a very great method for how to feel bliss. And a method derived by me using his method to release the tensions around eyeballs, is the method I have mentioned in the title. This practice will make each eye find its own "central fixation" of as Dan calls infinite compression, or in other word real compassion.

3- pay attention to the part of your stomach that is called the "solar" plexus, most of anger and hate and non-acceptance issues get built up in there, and as you breathe deeply and release the tensions from your stomach you will find clarity and light in your vision.

4- The nose plays an important part in seeing, Focusing on your nose, is a very handy tool to detect strain. In Persian the nose is called "you see" and it is because you actually see by your nose, you can see with your eyes, but to see really you must see from the center of your face, as it is called the nose. Wearing glasses for a long time makes your nose heavy and makes it a bit tense, so working with you nose does really help.

5- Myopic people tend to walk a bit hard, and even type or write with much greater force than necessary so, noticing this, can help one lighten up his/her movements and be a bit gentle towards the body and the outer world.

6- As some may know there is physical vision and there is higher spiritual vision, some people who have "clear flashes" might actually seeing another lighter density of existence, and if they want to remain in that state they need to do work and release any sort judgement to the world. So please do not confuse these two together, Nevertheless in order to make your physical tensions go away, you need to eventually practice "acceptance and neutrality". If you are not willing to do that, then working towards vision improvement becomes a bit "bumpy".

7- At last I want to point out this fact that knowing it will help most of you, your body is a FRACTAL MACHINE, meaning solving one problem leads to solving all problems. Every problem you face in your body propagates fractally over your entire body, and vision problems is just a symptom. To make things simple, you need to know that the tension on your face are also present in you hands, and in your feet, and in your body, arms, and legs. And by working on the tension in either places you are actually working on all of them as the body is a completely interconnected system.

8- At last working on the hate we experience towards the ignorant medical and pharmaceutical industry, becomes also essential, as we need to understand that we have a higher level of understanding and wisdom, that we have been able to see alternative ways to curing ourselves, the medical and pharma are at their end and better and more humane ways are being replaced as the public becomes more aware of their ignorance. most of their prescriptions have a placebo effect rather than a physical cure, and that is to be honored although they might not know that.

Wish you the best of vision and the brightest of all in much beauty and clarity.



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