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Repressed memories and partial eyesight recovery
I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old being short sighted. I am now 20 and my eyesight had continued to deteriorate over those 12 years. I began experimenting with the Bates method after getting very bad headaches constantly.
I got limited results, but not wearing glasses I felt amazing with no sore heads.
I hit a plateau so decided to study again on the method. I read (can't remember where) that perhaps our sight deteriorates as children as a way to protect ourselves from the harsh reality of life. I now realise how true this is.

While palming I sat thinking, trying to remember when I got glasses and what was happening at that time, and suddenly I found all these memories that I had buried. All these memories came flooding back in crisp detail.

When I was about 8 years old there was a fire at the school I was attending. We all got out safely, but the school was completely destroyed. We were moved around a lot to different places as we still had to go to school. As a young child it was difficult. I knew vaguely what had happened but could not fully remember this time of my life, until now.

When I opened my eyes things were clearer as they always are after palming. But this time it did not fade away. Over the next day my eyes went from -3.0d to -2.0d.
Remembering what was happening in our lives when we started wearing glasses will help alleviate the metal tension that cause eye strain.

I am now trying to improve my eyes to get rid of my glasses completely. Hit another plateau though, so any advise would be appreciated.

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Repressed memories and partial eyesight recovery - by somerandom10 - 04-14-2013, 11:27 AM