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Repressed memories and partial eyesight recovery
From my energy medicine studies, it's not necessary to dig for repressed memories, which could actually traumatize you further if they were horrific ones. If it comes up on its own, it's ready for you to release it. So notice it, "process" it (cry, write angry letters you burn, whatever), then send it on its way. What causes disease, eye problems and a host of others, is stuffing it and pretending you're fine when you're not. Better out than in, I tell my students!

We had a workshop this weekend and one of the other advanced students told me she recently went to the eye doctor, who cut her prescription in half, from -3 to -1.5! Of course she was thrilled, especially since she's doing no dedicated vision work. The doctor was puzzled, having no explanation, but she knows it's from the meditation and other healing work she's doing. Oh, and she only wears her glasses when she needs them, not all the time. This is not rocket science! If the body and mind are at peace, the sight will be clear.

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Re: Repressed memories and partial eyesight recovery - by Nancy - 06-03-2013, 10:31 AM