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My progress and view on myopia
I'm 23 years old male from Varna, Bulgaria. I developed myopia at the age of 15 when my type of social phobia (paruresis ; i cannot urinate if i don;t feel enought privacy) started to cause me stress and anxiety in school to the point where i wasn't using the toilets at school at all. I was having troubles seeing what is written at the black board even though i was near to it , at the first desk. When i was 20 years old i started reading book about vision improvment from Norbekov, and i decided to restore my vision. I started trying to see more... i was doing it totally wrong, and off course , no success. Then one day when i was walking outside , i started blinking very slow and gently and i saw that my vision improved immediately. So i was in euphoria, that was a breaktrough for me, now i knew that vision can be restored. And because of this euphoria and high emotional state - off course my vision started improving immediately and fast, fuelying the positive cycle. My confidence skyrocked at that time. I was in euporia for about a week. Improvment in vision, emotional state, confidence, dandruff witch i had almost dissapeared, unknown for me before levels of relaxation in my whole body. At axactly at this time when everything was going very good for about a week , i had to start studying for session for the university. Studying for a whole day. I was very angry that i slow my progress. For the next mounth my emotional state was good, but definetly not close to where it was before the session. In the next mounts, i have gone a wrong way- trying to see at distance thinking that this is restoring my vision. Progress started slowly to fade. What works fast is- standing as tall as possible, posture of self confidence, immediatly affects the state of mind , and removing tension from the eyes, resulting in immediate change in vision. Another thing, try working with nuance of your smile, and hold it. Faking smile, changes state of mind, resulting in relaxation in extra-ocular muscles and immediate change in vision. I can at any time change significantly how clearly i see, using my posture and smile. Another way to change state is to blink very frequently but as gentle and calm as possible. This type of blinking puts the mind in a relaxed state, resulting in temporary relief of tension in the eyes and body. Now in order to have a big and fast change in vision - you must have a big and fast change in the consciousness. This is what is called a breaktrough , some new idea, or experience that changes your beliefs , and make you see the world in different way and also see your self and your life in different way, Givving you much more confidence and possitivity. I have watched for three years now every day how my eyes react to states and emotions. And i can tell - eyes react insnantly to state of mind. And in a moment when i really feel positive emotion - there is a lightning speed improvment in my eyes and we are talking not about minor change , but a big difference. So my idea is - looking what shapes me and my life at the moment, what creates the tension, how can i relieve it. Vision does not improve significantly from place of neutrality, either you are feeling very goog and positevly excited about your live or you are in state of anxiety and tension. If you want to restore your vision you should not even concetrate that much on the vision it self as myopia is just a symptom of chronic anxiety and tension in the mind. The question should be what could i change in order to feel better in my life , and relieve tension. This is the real question. If you do make change in the quality of your emotional life - vision improvement will be automatic. Smile


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