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Eyesight fluctuation. Help needed.
Hi everyone. I am 18 years old and quite worried since my vision fluctuates. Sometimes it fluctuates daily, and sometimes after a few days. Last year i bought a new pair of glasses since my prescription had changed. But after about 2 months, I noticed that my 'crystal clear vision; with the new glasses had become a bit blurred. The blurriness then began to get worse and after some months, my vision had quite worsened. But there were some days when i could see almost clearly and that vision would remain for a few days, or rarely weeks,but then it again started to deteriorate. In brief, every new day usually brings a new vision for me. Sometimes that vision is better than the previous day, sometimes the same, and sometimes it becomes better, but that is uncommon. Even when I have the clearest vision, I can't see perfectly clear with my glasses but quite clearly though. I have read that Dr. William Bates discovered that vision fluctuates,sometimes daily and sometimes during the day. Is this true? And will Bates method help me in stabilizing my vision? All your comments and replies will be highly appreciated Smile


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Eyesight fluctuation. Help needed. - by Yasir Shaikh - 06-21-2013, 10:51 PM