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shocker's journey to 20/20 master race
I would say I'm quite experienced. I'm always the designated driver. I just came back from a drive (with a passenger to make sure I don't dun goof of course).

I took my glasses with me but ended up not needing them. I think muscle memory helps quite a lot.

I have to say driving is quite therapeutic. My eyes were relaxed more than usual, and I had quite a few flashes (non that were mutli blink though =( ).

I believe it's due to me having to shift my attention so much, and how nothing I see is fixed but changing distances. It's kind of like practising clark's switching technique.

To be fair, I was driving on familiar roads so I didn't have to be as active. It was also somewhat sunny and I just had a cup of tea, so I was alert.

One concern is how I would respond to new stimuli like construction zones or new roads. For obvious reasons night driving is out of the question for now.

I think I'm going to make a daily drive a part of my routine if conditions are favorable.


Something I noticed is that my clearest flashes come when I make a non concious shift in attention. Like when I'm walking I'll be looking at the ground but then have to look up to make sure I'm not hitting a tree. It's kind of automatic. For driving I had some good ones when focusing back on the road ahead of me after doing a shoulder check. I'm not sure of how to stimulate these kinds of flashes more frequently other than to put myself in situations which warrant it. Such as going for walks or riding a bike etc.

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