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a little HELP !
asit Wrote:thanks for replying.....
but the problem is that when i try to do swinging and shifting in my classroom ....i get severe eye mostly happens in classrooms only...outside like for example in gardens and natural environment i feel pretty good about of my eyes....
doing shifting and swinging continuously in a forced manner is really hurting my eyes....!

I think you are having a mind problem in the class room, because you simply block out peripheral vision too much which leaves you in a stressed state when you are about to learn all the things you need to.

Using only Foveal vision (tunnel vision) is in fact a quite stressed state for the mind.
In the class room you need to let the eyes get more peripheral vision in order to enter the well known learning state "Hakalau" that also calmes down the body.
When you go out you can simply turn peripheral vision off if you like and just use foveal vision.
Remark that you can still do central fixation and shifting in the learning state.
Remark that it is not possible to turn on peripheral vision if you are stressed, need to calm down a bit to enable it.

There are lots of information about this on youtube, for instance I found:

Hope that helps you to relax better.


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