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Yankes' 20/20 journey - VIB: Visual Improvement Blog
Quote:let's see where it will bring me! already excited to abondon those glasses.

You can abandon the glasses now. My vision was slightly worse than yours starting out, and I just went cold turkey, and it was the best thing I ever did. If you're at university, it's ideal since you don't have to drive if you're on campus. Only problem is seeing the blackboard in class. You could carry your glasses with you and put them on for a split second to read the blackboard.

I'll never forget watching the TV the weekend I started. It was a Patriots playoff game and the TV was eight feet away. A pass in the air looked like a pixel moving in a straight line across the screen, like some primitive 80s videogame. That's how I knew it was a pass play. If the movement was irregular, I knew it was a running plsy. In real time my mind was forced into imagining more about the game than I could see, which was key. I then looked at the game clock and score, and that also helped me. By the end of the game my vision had totally changed. That was a big part if me dropping half a diopter over a weekend, 4,-4.5 to -3.5,-4. Over that weekend my vision became good enough to breadbasket catch a tenniis ball tossed at me and I was pumped.

After that I never looked back.

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