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Anticorrective lense sucess story
The Plus Lens method causes cataract, detached retina, many eye-vision problems.
Using the plus lens, anti corrective eyeglass method causes addiction to eyeglasses, progressive vision impairment.!topic/...H0x1l4Wfdw!topic/...H0x1l4Wfdw

Search this and other Otis Brown posts on the Internet; he has been using the plus lens method for years; he developed cataract 2 times, astigmatism, myopia increased, presbyopia due to addiction to the plus.
He has a eyeglass myopia prescription implanted in his eyes and lasik surgery on the cornea.

There are other people on some of the forums not owned by Otis and gang that are allowed to post the truth about how it has impaired their vision and parents stating how it impaired their children's vision.

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