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Anticorrective lense sucess story
Bifocal Wrote:found this study to verify the anticorrective lense method.

It fails to amaze me what proponents of the plus lens method try to extrapolate from such small scale studies. Such a study fails to verify anything to do with reversing myopia - as is the claim (pls. correct me if I am wrong about that).

That it is a short-term study is an extraordinary understatement. It only looks at 30 and 60 minute effects, on a couple dozen YOUNG people. It doesn't measure if the effect wears off shortly after (which has been said by many who have tried plus lenses). It doesn't measure if the effect becomes ineffective after a certain period of time. It doesn't study any of the long term effects. It admits that more studies are needed, states a lot of 'ifs' and 'may be possibles.' It doesn't measure acuity. It doesn't include older adults. This isn't verification of myopia reversal on any order.

Long term, randomized clinical trial studies using bifocals/prismatic bifocal/plus, (2 yrs, a wee bit longer than 30 minutes!) HAVE been conducted and have only been able to detect a SMALL, SLOWING of myopic progression, and absolutely nothing to do with a reversing of myopia. And the effect seems to wane after the first year. Much bigger sample groups too. Based on these studies one could claim that you might be able to slow the myopic progression of a young person. That's it. And they might be better off using a topical treatment - anti-muscarinic medications at that, since it showed slightly better effectiveness.

How one jumps from these studies, to saying that plus lenses can reverse myopia is quite puzzling. "Slowing" in very tiny amounts, to "reversing" are quite different notions. I believe this is where much of the misleading information starts to foment. I would be quite interested if a study could be shown, a randomized, clinical trial, long - term using larger samples, that shows actual REVERSAL of myopia. Bring on the science, please, if this is the kind of science from which one is going to base extraordinary claims.

A summary of 23 studies investigating the different interventions to slow myopic progression:

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The notorious COMET study:

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Other studies showing similar results, or worse as time goes on:

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the list could go on, an on, and on....

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