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Anticorrective lense sucess story
(03-12-2014, 01:08 PM)Aethersky Wrote: hi arocrarty.

According to your what you said and the totally ridiculous results of those biased studies, then i guess everyone should wear a full powered minus all the time.

If a child is -3D myopic, we can all agree it is totally foolish to wear a -3D lens ALL the time. Also according to that logic, how can anyone's vision IMPROVE without an undercorrection.

If guessing your vision isn't perfect, so techniquely you have an "undercorrection". Are you willing to put a strong minus lens on your eyes. I think the answer is no.

It doesn't matter an iota whether we like the results or not, the results are the results. I can't say I'm being very logical if I say, I don't like it, therefore, it's stupid! These were properly done studies, they just don't make up the results. The first one had to be halted after 2 years (a 3-year study) because they recognized they were making people's vision worse. Probably feared big lawsuits if continued with that knowledge. That was the responsible thing to do, in that situation. (and avoid lawsuits) My point was that it would be the responsible thing to do to inform the pilot students of the results of such studies. If I were one of them, and they were to try some unconventional method on my vision, I sure would want to know what the outcome was in previous studies. I would think I'd have a right to know. Don't you think that would be the responsible thing to do?

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