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Anticorrective lense sucess story
My friend's daughter was home on leave from her military flight training,during the Easter weekend,and gave me an update on her vision,and that of her fellow classmates.
They have been testing her vision with an autorefractor weekly,and only one time did her vision drop below 20/20. At that point they checked it daily,and it came in at 20/20,so she went back to the one time a week.
Two of her classmates have already,( within a month ) dropped to 20/50,and have been fitted with anticorrective lenses,and are being checked on the autorefractor daily. One of them seems to be improving,and the other is becoming more myopic.The more myopc guy told the others that during college that he thought he was becoming myopic,but was able to recover during the summer breaks,but this training is so much more demanding on his eyes that he wonders if the anticorrective lenses will help him. The other guy states that his vision is definitely helped by the anticorrective lenses.
She reported that the reading,and study has been so intense that all of the students wonder who will wash out even though they are only one month into the program.

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