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Anticorrective lense sucess story
(04-30-2014, 02:48 AM)arocarty Wrote:
(04-29-2014, 04:53 PM)Bifocal Wrote: My friend's daughter was home on leave from her military flight training,during the Easter weekend,and gave me an update on her vision,and that of her fellow classmates.
They have been testing her vision with an autorefractor weekly,and only one time did her vision drop below 20/20. At that point they checked it daily,and it came in at 20/20,so she went back to the one time a week.
Two of her classmates have already,( within a month ) dropped to 20/50,and have been fitted with anticorrective lenses,and are being checked on the autorefractor daily. One of them seems to be improving,and the other is becoming more myopic.The more myopc guy told the others that during college that he thought he was becoming myopic,but was able to recover during the summer breaks,but this training is so much more demanding on his eyes that he wonders if the anticorrective lenses will help him. The other guy states that his vision is definitely helped by the anticorrective lenses.
She reported that the reading,and study has been so intense that all of the students wonder who will wash out even though they are only one month into the program.

Use of plus lenses could ACCELERATE their progression of myopia; but no way they'll ever be let on to that fact, it would just be all blamed on the program. Law suites could ensue, if they were aware of that fact. Someone would actually have to be accountable. The military is quite good at, and experienced at, covering up and protecting themselves as has been seen countless times. Cheating on certification exams, sexual abuse, contract fraud, gambling scandals, recruiting referral kickbacks, you name it, they've done it and tried to hide it for countless years. The lack of accountability in the military is mind numbing.

And so with all of the things you are saying about the military,have you ever served? If you are believing all of this from newspapers,magazines,and TV news,you are certainly ill informed. Because the military is is a huge complex organization,like any other large organization it is made up of people. People make mistakes,and do commit crimes,but overall for its size the military is run very well. That being said, with the amount of time,and money spent in training a young pilot,they want a good return on their investment.They pay them,and treat them well to encourage them to remain in the military,and they do not want them to become in any way physically unable to fly. So no,you are wrong that they would risk ruining their eyesight. These young pilots will be flying the most modern state of the art aircraft,at speeds up to several times the speed of sound. Less than perfect vision is not acceptable,and perfect vision is mandatory. No room there for a clear flash here or there,or vision that fluctuates. It MUST be 20/20 or better at all times,even when the pilot is fatigued.This is why they do not use the Bates method at all.

(04-30-2014, 08:21 AM)clarknight Wrote: Two of many complaints people experience from the plus lens method is;

Eye floaters and development of presbyopia.

Mr. Gallo-see all my reviews

Amazon verified purchase (what's this?)

This review is on: how I healed myself from myopia. Without glasses, contact lenses and surgery (soft cover)

A little repetitive, interesting explanation of the theory, biology of the eye and worsening dynamics of sight for bad habits. After hundreds of pages, of course then the wait is reduced to a single page with a single table for the exercises.

I expected a more in-depth description of the route to improvement of symptoms to watch for benefits with passion and hope, a guide to corrective lens power in use, etc.

Certainly the book helped me to become aware of how much I pointlessly also glasses to read the mail on your mobile phone and how when I read without for about half an hour and then I put the glasses feel some discomfort as if they were too strong. So it's true that doing exercise is known as the eye is lazy by corrective lenses.

For now, the effect is an increased annoyance during the reading of newspapers with glasses. May be a symptom of improvement or an advance of presbyopia?????

The plus forums block posts by people that report the damage it has done to their eyes health and vision. They pay for book reviewers, 'their gang' to state the plus is safe but they can't stop the public from posting the truth, that is not safe; search Amazon book reviews in various countries, including Italy.

As use of the plus is continued, cataract and impaired retina health occur.
Presbyopia, tension in the recti and oblique eye muscles caused by any type of eyeglass prescription also cause myopia and astigmatism.

The plus glasses and minus freeze up the lens and its ciliary muscle; no movement; no circulation, no nourishment, no hydration=cataract and blur at all distances.

The ciliary works with the iris muscles. All eye muscles can effect eachohther, their function and the clarity of vision.

Your post is filled with the same old rhetoric,and the Amazon posts pretty much sound like the people here that have found no help with the Bates Method,and then the bulk of the Amazon post was you saying the same old undocumented things. You have to date, not provided anything concrete,but only your ideas about Anticorrective lenses. Since the US military is using the Anticorrective method,you are going to have to provide some really hard documented information to convince others here what you say is true,or you will be looking quite foolish.

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